Athens: 10 Things to Do

9. Gazi

Vibe Nightclub and Lounge Psirri Athens Greece Ingolf Pompe 24 / Alamy
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This old gasworks precinct has supplanted Psiri as Athens' coolest nightspot, but don't come only for bar life. Around the metro at Kerameikos cluster countless eateries, music venues and art spaces. Dominating the skyline is the gasworks turned Technopolis, a vast mixed-use cultural center. For serious victuals, try the Butcher Shop, tel: (30-210) 341 3440, a stylish psistaria (roast house) that serves free-pasture boar ($22). Afterward, find a stool in the rooftop bar at industrial-chic Gazarte, tel: (30-210) 346 0347.

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