Miami: 10 Things to Do

5. The Coffee Window at Versailles, Miami

The Coffee Window at Versailles, Miami florida Joe Raedle / Getty
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Ever wonder why Cubans are so passionate about ... well, everything? It's the coffee. Specifically, the cafe cubano: a frothy, coal-colored concoction that appears to be made from equal parts espresso and refined sugar. (Drink enough of these and you'll soon find yourself railing against Fidel.) The best cafe cubano in Miami — order a cortado, if you want it with a splash of milk — can be found at the outdoor coffee window at Versailles, the long-running Cuban eatery in the heart of Little Havana. The sit-down restaurant is excellent, but the take-out window is where you'll find the local color — from exquisite ladies in Chanel to construction workers in paint-splattered overalls — all lining up for a caffeine jolt.

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