Miami: 10 Things to Do

3. Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Lincoln Road, Miami Beach florida Alan Schein Photography / Corbis
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In the '80s, Lincoln Road was an under-the-radar artists' hangout, chock-full of studios and galleries. Those days are long behind it. (Chain and upscale retail stores have since crept in.) But this pleasant pedestrian mall still harbors plenty of charming spots. Revel in the good ol' days at Art Center / South Florida, where local and international artists develop and showcase their work in glass-walled studios. Down the block, browse to your heart's content at Miami's literary mainstay, Books & Books, or at design outpost Base, which features an irreverent collection of home furnishings, clothing and toys. For lunch, slip into Ice Box, where clean, informal cooking is paired with a mouthwatering list of pillowy cakes — from carrot to coconut to several varieties of chocolate. In the evening, pop into Upstairs at the Van Dyke Cafe for the city's most hopping live jazz and blues.

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