Miami: 10 Things to Do

1. Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Miami Beach

South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA --- Ritz-Carlton South Beach Spa Dan Forer / Beateworks / Corbis
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The beautiful people in Miami aren't born that way. They work at it. Very, very hard. Which means before you even think of hitting the town, you'd better be detoxed, mani'd, pedi'd and adequately coiffed. La Maison de Beaute Carita Spa at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach offers one-stop shopping for all of these services, including a signature SoBe treatment known as the Divine Derriere, which gets your booty thong-ready with an exfoliating treatment and a mask (only $75!). After your session, pop up to Bistro One LR, the hotel's poolside restaurant, where, on the weekends, you can tuck into tuna ceviche and watch the hotel's tanning butler lather up the ladies with sunblock.

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