Prague: Need to Know

City Basics

Soviet Built Metro Station in Prague DK Limited / Corbis
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Arriving. Taxis from Prague-Ruzyne Airport will have you in central Prague in 30 minutes and cost about $35. Public transport will set you back just $1.75. Bus 119 travels to the Dejvicka metro station in roughly 30 minutes, from which you can continue your journey into the city center.

Getting Around. Prague's public-transport system is excellent. For a 72-hour stay, a travel card covering all bus, metro and tram services will cost about $16.50; one-day passes cost $6. Tickets can be bought from machines at all tram and metro stops, and at hotels, newspaper kiosks and tourist centers.

Tipping. Restaurants rarely charge for service, but a 10% tip is customary. At bars and cafés, round up to the next 10 crowns (or 20 if your bill is more than $200).

Survival Skills. Pickpockets operate throughout the day, particularly in crowded areas like the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and Prague Castle (especially during the changing of the guard), and on trams 22, 23 and 9. Aggressive prostitutes also work in Wenceslas Square at night.

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