Shanghai: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Shirtflag T-Shirts

shanghai china souvenir prpaganda t-shirts Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty
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In the end, all those fake Chairman Mao pins and Little Red Books will only collect dust back at home. Instead, stock up on 180-yuan tongue-in-cheek propaganda T-shirts at Shirtflag, which has several outlets in town, including ones on Taikang Road and Nanchang Road. Choose from, among other designs, a satirical "Supermao" graphic that pokes fun at Cultural Revolution posters or a "Worker, Peasant, Soldier" motif in which a soldier and peasant lock lips — something that could have earned a harsh punishment in more puritanical times.

  • 1. Shirtflag
    210 Taikang Road, Shanghai, China 200025; 86-(0)21-6466-7009 More Info
  • 2. Shirtflag
    330 Nanchang Road, Shanghai, China; 86-(0)21-5465-3011 More Info

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