Shanghai: 10 Things to Do

7. 50 Moganshan Road

Two Chinese art students look at graffiti art on a canvas by French graffiti artist Nebay, that is on display at the Moganshan art complex in Shanghai China Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty
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Chinese contemporary art now sells at international auctions for gazillions of dollars. Derivative stuff is everywhere, so it's all the more important to head to the nerve center of Shanghai's buzzing art scene at Moganshan Road. A collection of once-deserted warehouses near Suzhou Creek, Moganshan now houses Shanghai's best contemporary art galleries. Best of all, several top artists, like Zhou Tiehai and Ding Yi, keep their studios here, so if you're lucky you can wander in and see the creative process unfold in real time. One of the city's oldest and most respected galleries is at 50 Moganshan, ShanghART, which represents the cream of the art world and is run by Swiss native Lorenz Helbling.

  • 1. ShanghART
    50 Moganshan Road, Bldg. 16, Shanghai, China; 86-(0)21-6359-3923 31.247315121.448933 More Info

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