Hong Kong: 10 Things to Do

8. Star Ferry

Star Ferry Hong Kong Robert Harding World Imagery / Getty
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Reclamation has reduced the journey length of Hong Kong's iconic cross-harbor ferry to a mere seven or eight minutes these days. Board it anyway. It costs just $.28 each way for an upper-deck seat (avoid the even cheaper lower deck, unless you enjoy the press of humanity or the reek of unregulated marine diesel). On this engaging little ride, you'll sail past shipping vessels of all kinds and take in widescreen views of the Hong Kong Island coastline from Quarry Bay to Western. Try and catch a sailing just before 8 p.m. These boats stop mid-harbor for a few moments so that tourists can take pictures of the nightly Symphony of Lights show — an eye-watering, ecologically reckless son et lumière that incorporates lights, lasers, fireworks and 44 waterfront buildings on both Hong Kong and Kowloon.

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