London: 10 Things to Do

5. J. Sheekey

London J. Sheekey restaurant in SOHO Daniel Berehulak / Getty
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If you like your dinner with a side order of celebrity, head to one of Caprice Holdings' restaurants: Le Caprice, a sleek art deco brasserie just behind the Ritz hotel, the Ivy or J. Sheekey; the latter two are in London's theaterland. Their clientele rosters read like the guest list for a charity gala thrown by Bono and Angelina Jolie. When famed London restaurateurs Jeremy King and Chris Corbin left Caprice Holdings in 2002, the celebritocracy had a minor heart attack — wherever would they get their Spotted Dick (a traditional steamed pudding with syrup) now? But to their great relief, this trio of eateries — along their new sibling, the refurbished Scott's restaurant in Mayfair — still have the edge over the competition, serving simple seafood and game dishes, perfectly executed and perfectly served. The most intimate of the bunch is J. Sheekey, a fish restaurant with leather banquettes, paneled walls and an impressive art collection. (King and Corbin went on to open The Wolseley and the now-shuttered St. Alban.)

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