Greenhouse Gallery: New Delhi's Arty New Hothouse

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Courtesy of Greenhouse


Sometimes a little space is all that's needed to make things grow. That's the principle behind New Delhi's aptly named Greenhouse gallery. "In a country still ruled by posh, high-value art," says 30-year-old founder Avinash Kumar, "everyone can put up what they want here for two weeks."

To date, Greenhouse has mounted a show of miniature books and an exhibition of photos by freewheeling collective Blind Boys. It has also begun to host happenings, typography workshops, readings and yoga sessions, and is negotiating for permission to beam arty projections onto the empty lots of the surrounding Hauz Khas Village — a cluster of boutiques and eateries in South Delhi.

Kumar, a designer who plays in a band that's also a multimedia outfit called BLOT (for Basic Love of Things), wants Greenhouse to join forces with other edgy endeavors around Asia. As he points out, "You can have a big institution where nothing happens and a small space where a lot happens." You can check to see just what.