Seek Treatment: A Vietnamese Hotel Where the Spa Is Free

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Courtesy of Fusion Maia Resort

Splash out Facilities at the resort include a lavish pool and spacious public areas

Why didn't anyone think of this before? The Fusion Maia resort in Da Nang, Vietnam, is the first five-star hotel in Asia with unlimited spa treatments included in the regular room rate. And by regular room, we mean, at minimum, a 50-sq-m suite with a private pool. There are multibedroom beachfront villas available, but you don't need to book the flashiest digs in this boutique property: unlike its more famous neighbor, the Nam Hai, Fusion Maia has created inviting common spaces on pristine China Beach. The spa menu is abbreviated, but that means the therapists have mastered each service (a back, neck and shoulder massage felt far longer, in a good way, than its appointed half hour) and have the capacity to provide each guest in the resort — even if it's fully booked — at least three treatments per day.

Fusion is the goal of the overall resort experience, with guests encouraged to nurture spirit as well as body. Not many meccas to self-indulgence organize trips to local orphanages, for example. Fusion is also the point of the artful Western and pan-Asian cuisine. Don't miss the stellar handmade noodles with beef and foie gras, or the faithfully American vanilla-bean pancakes. Speaking of pancakes, breakfast is also gratis, any time or place — so, if you miss the well-curated morning buffet, you can order in your room whenever you want. Laze away the morning in your four-poster bed, or on the masseuse's table; the eggs can wait.

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