Travelers' Aids: Germ Fighting Never Smelled So Sweet

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The Container Store Paper Soap

If you missed out on a flu shot this season but still want to miss out on the flu, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers can help kill viruses on your palms and your PDA — which is a breeding ground for bugs. For those of you who can't stomach the antiseptic smell of most antibacterial gels, we patted down with a variety of organic and sweet-scented germ-killers that are easy on the nose, and on the go.

The Container Store Paper Soap
For you old-school hand-washers out there: single-use sheets of soap. The Container Store's Paper Soap comes in a colorful plastic case that flips open in the palm of your hand, and contains 50 paper-thin swatches. The soaps come in three scents: apple, which is pretty unassuming; vanilla, which smells like a candle; and, my favorite, jasmine. Be sure to pull out a sheet before you wet your hands — and for the best germ-killing action, wash with warm water for at least 20 seconds and dry well. Price: $4.99 each

Giovanni Organic Towelettes
Sani-wipes are great for de-germing door handles, but these organic antibacterial towelettes by Giovanni Cosmetics are a better choice if you just want to freshen up post-workout or before an impromptu date. Individual wipes are tucked in sleek silver wrapping and come in three scents, packaged in a 20-count, re-sealable variety bag: Peppermint Surge will perk you up en route to a meeting, Grapefruit Splash is refreshing before a dinner date, and Lavender Calm will leave you smelling good even if you're too wiped out to shower. Price: $11.95 for a mixed bag of 20

Desert Essence Aroma Essence Towelettes
Desert Essence's handy pop-up container contains 25 biodegradable Aroma Essence Towelettes, which are seeped in essential oils including antiseptic tea tree oil, organic orange, palmarose, rosewood and lemongrass. Which, in combination, smell like the leftover milk in a bowl of Fruit Loops. Price: $9.99

Avant Instant Hand Sanitizer
I generally avoid high-percentage alcohol gels because they remind me of cheap vodka: A whiff makes me nauseous, and I don't like the burn. If you're not a gel junkie either, Avant's Instant Hand Sanitizer — which rivals Purell's strength, with its 60% ethanol content — might change your mind. The scent is more like a vodka tonic with lime, and it dissipates quickly, leaving behind a faint whiff of something like linen-fragranced air freshener. The label says it's enriched with vitamins A and E — and, I'll admit, this product didn't dry my hands like other gels and, O.K., maybe even softened them a bit. Price: $2.29 to $3.89

Teens Turning Green Hand Sanitizing Spray
The Organic Rosemary and Mint Hand Sanitizing Spray by Teens Turning Green is my fave for on-the-go Incidents of Germ — and not just because it supports a national coalition of teens trying to inspire earth-friendly choices. Even with a 62% organic alcohol content, the herb-garden smell of the spritz rocks — and I especially dig the pocket-sized spray-bottle format. It's perfectly portable, creates little waste and one spray (the bottle contains 100) is good for both palms. How's that for conservation? Price: $3.99; available exclusively at Whole Foods Market

Mr. Bump Antiseptic Wipes
Owie, you have a boo-boo! Mr. Bump will make it all better! After I stabbed myself with a pair of scissors trying to open a box, one of the lavender-scented Mr. Bump Antiseptic Wipes actually did just that. Well, it cleaned out the gash so it could heal nicely — which made me Little Miss Smiley. Price: $6.50 for a box of eight individually wrapped wipes

Wireless Wipes
Research has shown that our beloved cell phones and PDAs are hotbeds of bacteria — which is what made the creators of Wireless Wipes say: "Why don't we make a wipey for them?" The resulting "wipey" has a quick-drying surfactant and works smudge-busting miracles on touch-screens. (Advice: Let the device dry after cleaning, then buff — a pant leg works splendidly — as there's a little leftover residue.) The towlettes are big, so you can cut them in half and double your mileage. There's a distinct presence of alcohol, but with the added green-tea-cucumber fragrance, Wireless Wipes don't smell like something that could disinfect a donkey. I don't recommend using them on hands (they're too drying), but the formulation works great on inanimate objects like cell phones, computer keyboards and anything with a touch-screen or pad. Price: $2.95 for a 10-count pouch; available at Bed Bath & Beyond beginning in January

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