The Summer Olympics: Are Drugs Winning the games?

There will be new tests to catch the cheaters in Sydney. Will the Games be clean? Not a chance

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Shorter and Masback share the opinion that athletes will accept any playing field that is level."If sport were clean, the athletes would happily compete on that new level, even without setting records," claims Shorter. "I think we can make this look like a quirk of history. I think we can go from several generations who were predisposed to cheat to a new generation that says, 'Cheating is not O.K.'"

Whether he's right or dreaming, Olympic sport clearly needs a sea change in attitude. Without one, the future is scary indeed. According to Dr. Gary I. Wadler, professor of medicine at New York University and an expert on performance-enhancing drugs, "The question is whether we're going to start genetically engineering superstars." The answer is, sure, of course--if methodology exists and rewards are great. We're doing everything we can to win now. Why wouldn't we tomorrow? It isn't cheating if everybody else is doing it.

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