Still Rockin' In Jimmy Buffett's Key West Margaritaville

Sunny escapism made the singer rich. But in his new No. 1 best seller, he (almost) gets serious

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He slides behind the counter, looking like your typical down-on-his-luck short-order cook. He flips burgers, takes orders, cracks jokes and signs autographs for the fans pouring into the place: businessmen, working women, students from the culinary academy up the street. They're not star struck, just pleased to meet a star who seems like a regular guy. "Can I shake your hand?" someone asks. "Sure," says Buffett, "for a hundred bucks." Everyone laughs. He asks a woman at the counter how she wants her burger, and suddenly he's leading the crowd in a Cheeseburger in Paradise sing-along. The assistant captures it all on video, and Buffett is ready for his getaway. He ducks outside, gets on his bike. Another wave of autograph seekers hits him. "Sorry," he says, checking his watch. "Gotta go to work." It's a canard: he's already there.

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