Milestones Jul. 21, 1997

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MARRIED. KARENNA GORE, 23, first daughter of the nation's second-in-command; and primary-care physician ANDREW SCHIFF, 31; in Washington.

SEPARATING. IVANA TRUMP, 48, the 1990s' famously (and lucratively) scorned wife; and Italian businessman RICCARDO MAZZUCCHELLI, 54. Ivana, as she prefers to be known, is suing Mazzucchelli for $15 million, claiming that he violated their prenuptial agreement by telling the National Enquirer, "I dumped Ivana."

PLEADED GUILTY. MALCOLM SHABAZZ, 12, Malcolm X's troubled namesake, who set the fire that killed his grandmother Betty; to the juvenile equivalent of second-degree manslaughter and second-degree arson; in Yonkers, N.Y. He faces up to 18 months in detention. His sentence, however, will be re-evaluated yearly.

LICENSE REVOKED. Of MIKE TYSON, 31, disgraced boxer; by the Nevada Athletic Commission, for biting Evander Holyfield's ears; in Las Vegas. Tyson was also fined $3 million. He will be able to reapply for his license next year.

DIED. ROBERTA BURKE, 98, first lady of the Navy whose quiet guidance anchored her husband, Admiral Arleigh, and fellow wives in the service; in Fairfax, Va. Burke's 72-year partnership with the admiral, which ended in his death last year, carried her from port to port and, after her husband's appointment as Navy Chief in 1955, to the stately Admiral's House--where she earned a reputation as a gracious hostess and mentor. In her mind, however, she remained, as her epitaph gently insists, "a sailor's wife."

DIED. MATE BOBAN, 57, chauvinistic Bosnian Croat leader who spearheaded the creation of the short-lived Croatian statelet of Herzeg-Bosna; of a stroke; in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1993 Boban waged a vicious campaign against Muslims in his drive for an ethnically pure Croatian republic.

DIED. CHARLES DRAKE, 72, maverick geologist who argued that volcanic eruptions, not the asteroid of a leading 1980s theory, killed off the dinosaurs; of a heart attack; in Norwich, Vt. Drake was an expert in lost worlds; he also led a 1960 expedition that discovered bacteria living 20 ft. beneath the ocean's bottom.

DIED. MUMEO OKU, 101, Japanese feminist who took the politics of the kitchen to the parliament floor; in Tokyo. As founder of the Housewives Association, Oku gave quality control new meaning by rallying against defective matches and other shoddy goods. Her exactitude, and her efforts on behalf of workingwomen, won her loyal support: in 1947 she was elected to the Diet.