Rx For Death

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Given the ruling last week, Kevorkian seems to have the upper hand -- for the moment. "As a practical matter he may now be untouchable unless a new law is passed and then we start all over again," says University of Michigan law professor Yale Kamisar. "He now has the police and prosecutors off-balance." But they would love to take him on. "Every person from the Governor on down has been attacked personally about being a Nazi or a member of a right-wing organization," says Oakland County prosecutor Richard Thompson. "He's basically thumbed his nose at law enforcement, in part because he feels he has public support."

As for the doctor himself, he seems to take some satisfaction in having done his small part. "It's unstoppable," he says. "It may not happen in my lifetime but my opponents are going to lose. There's a lot of human misery out there."

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