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Q. You've helped establish "crisis pregnancy" centers around the country that appear to offer abortion. But women who go to such places are confronted instead with films and lectures intended to frighten them away from having an abortion. Some members of Congress say the operators of such places may be guilty of fraud. What do you think?

A. No, it's not fraud at all. What most crisis pregnancy centers advertise is that they give "abortion information." Not only is that true, but they are the only place that a woman is going to get straight information about abortion. The abortion industry has thrived in secretive darkness.

Q. Last year you formed a new organization called the Christian Defense Coalition, which you say was created "to teach Christian communities to defend themselves against police brutality, judicial tyranny and political harassment." What is it doing?

A. We mobilize Christians to speak out against the abuse of fellow Christians. For one thing, we give out judges' phone numbers and addresses and highlight the injustices they've been involved in ((such as issuing injunctions against Operation Rescue demonstrators)).

Q. You encourage people to flood them with calls?

A. Absolutely. The First Amendment says we have a right to petition for redress of grievances, whether that's an elected official or an appointed official. We also organize pickets in their neighborhoods.

Q. What's your complaint about police?

A. In some jurisdictions the police have systematically tortured people. It's a very low-grade torture, but it's torture nonetheless. When you have police pushing their knuckles into people's eye sockets or lifting people up by their jawbones, that's agonizing. What has me so irritated is that if we were any other group that was politically correct there would be a hue and cry from the media and from civil rights groups over such tactics. But because we are pro- lifers, because we are not a currently hip cause, we are ignored.

Q. Why did you once say "I hate the Renaissance"?

A. It sought to make man autonomous from God and from moral absolutes. Man is not autonomous from God, and man always has been and always will be accountable to God and his laws.

Q. You've denounced feminism repeatedly. If there had not been a women's movement, how would the world be different?

A. If by feminism you mean women's voting rights, equal pay for equal work, freedom from being harassed sexually on the job, then I am supportive of those objectives. However, if you will just look at the positions of the National Organization for Women, you will see a very antimale, lesbian-oriented, Marxist-oriented, put-your-kids-in-day-care-and-go-out-and-pursue-a-career, proabortion mentality.

Q. In a country where most households need two paychecks, how would many families survive without day care?

A. I disagree. Most families do not need two paychecks. We're talking oftentimes of an antichild attitude. In most of Middle America, people can make it on one income.

Q. Though you would permit use of condoms and gels, you oppose many forms of contraception, including the pill and IUDs. Doesn't that virtually guarantee more single mothers and children in day care?

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