Sport: New Formation: Odd Man Out

Some regulars are displaced, but the teams go on

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When the dissolving strikers were not immediately welcomed back by the owners, the Browns players held a private meeting. Quarterback Bernie Kosar, 23, did much of the talking. Whatever the wages, they decided to start practicing immediately. Several wanted to go to Cincinnati and cheer for the scabs, but they practiced instead. Kosar's backup, Veteran Gary Danielson, had crossed the line just in time to play the Bengals game. Some suspect he was dispatched to win it, and in that company he did look like Otto Graham. Last week Kosar and Danielson were as thick as ever.

Cleveland General Manager Ernie Accorsi is not putting all his faith in harmony, though. After all, he says, "pro football is a game that can feed off antagonistic attitudes. It's not My Fair Lady." But a happy team in a peaceful clubhouse is still the way to bet. "In the final analysis," says San Francisco Coach Bill Walsh, "if a player can perform, the other players will overlook a lot." He adds, "I don't know whether that's good or bad."

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