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Along the way, Trump has understandably attracted critics, who see him as an artful maneuverer. Trump has been frustrated in his efforts to put up still another luxurious Trumpdom near Central Park. Tenants in a rent-controlled building on the site charged that he was trying to force them out by offering vacant apartments there as shelter for the homeless. City officials promptly turned down the idea. Says Philip Hess, counsel for the city's planning commission: "Whatever Donald does is absolutely designed to serve his self-interest."

Trump cannot recall ever failing at anything, nor does he even entertain the possibility. Says he: "I just have the feeling that I can do it, that I'm going to do it." By building for the rich, Trump argues, he is also revitalizing New York, and many people, including Mayor Edward Koch, agree. Plans are now beginning for the most lavish project yet: Trump Castle. Architect Philip Johnson is designing a 60-story structure complete with moat and drawbridge that is to be built on Madison Avenue at 60th Street. —By John S.DeMott. Reported by Helen Sen Doyle/New York

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