An E.S.P. Gap

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In one test, Targ went to Grant's Tomb in New York City and tried to transmit an image to a clairvoyant in California. The psychic described a high place with a view, which she said "makes me think of a restaurant or museum." Her vision, Targ argues, was remarkably accurate. On a visit to the U.S.S.R. in October, Targ found that the Soviets had replicated some of the experiments he and his colleagues had reported in scientific journals. Says Targ: "In the Soviet Union, psychic research is taken seriously at the highest levels."

Sighting submarines by clairvoyance? Sending signals with E.S.P? Representative Charlie Rose, a North Carolina Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, says it may be worth a look. "Some people think this is the work of the devil," says he. "Others think it may be the holy spirit. If the Soviets, as is evident, feel it is worthwhile, I am willing to spend a few bucks."

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