Modern Living: Top of the Decade: Modern Living

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> Original Playboy Club established in Chicago, 1960.

> Pierre Cardin becomes the first Paris couturier to design a full line of clothing for men, 1960.

> First U.S. discothèque—Le Club—opens in Manhattan, 1961.

> Designer Mary Quant introduces the miniskirt, 1964.

> Rudi Gernreich designs the topless bathing suit, 1964.

> Truman Capote hosts "party of the decade" at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel, 1966.

> Dr. Timothy Leary coins slogan for the psychedelic generation—"Turn on, tune in, drop out," 1966.

> First hippie "bein" is held in San Francisco's Golden Gate park, 1967.

> Lord Snowdon wears a turtleneck with his tuxedo, 1967.

> Woodstock rock festival draws crowd of more than 400,000 to rural Bethel, N.Y., 1969.