Prizefighting: With Mouth & Magic

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That bombshell reverberated round the world. CLAY PROUD TO BE A MOSLEM, read a headline in Karachi. At Cairo's University of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Sayed Sabik said: "We are all pleased that a Moslem set such a well-mannered religious example of sportsmanship." And at a "Savior's Day" rally in Chicago, while 4,000 delirious followers shouted "You tell it, dear apostle," Black Muslim Leader Elijah Muhammad claimed a share of the heavyweight title for himself. "White people wanted Liston to beat up and probably kill poor little Clay," said Muhammad. "But Allah and myself said no. This assured his victory."

Was Cassius kidding? Nobody knew. Nobody ever knows with Cassius. All anybody knows is that, at 22, Cassius Marcellus Clay's mouth and magic have cornered the world championship and most of $1,000,000—$600,000 from last week's fight alone. There is no telling how much more money Clay can make if he decides to give Sonny Liston a return bout. There is the unsettled matter of his Army service, and there are rumors of a fox in his future. But whatever he does, it will probably turn out right. "I've got a lock on life," says Cassius. "A long time ago I decided where I was going, and nobody has come close to knocking me off those golden stairs."

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