RUSSIA: Do Not Worry

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Photogenic Faye Emerson Roosevelt and her husband (the late President's scatter-quote son) last week paid Joseph Stalin a birthday (his 67th) visit in the Kremlin. Faye and Elliott reported that their host, who had been ailing at Sochi in the Caucasus, looked very well, as indeed he did in a highly retouched photograph (see cut) issued by Sovfoto, the official Soviet photo service. If Stalin imparted any immortal confidences and earth-shaking forecasts, Elliott hasn't revealed them—yet.

But if the New York newspapers with astrology columns reach Stalin he can read horoscopes which make as much sense as many columns of weighty political analysis. On Dec. 21 the Journal-American's Frances Drake advised: "[You are] sometimes too obstinate for the success that can be yours. . . . Correct the tendency to value material gain too highly." The Daily News's Marion Drew was still more specific:

"You have two more years ahead in which it will be hard for you to feel completely settled down—«iew friends, new work and many new interests loom up. Most of these will be sudden and out of your usual run, but need not be difficult or unpleasant, since you are usually an adaptable person. Your health may cause a little alarm, but this will be largely nervous in origin, not constitutional defect, so do not worry."