People: Shopper for Essentials

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Shopper for Essentials

Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands, visiting her daughter, Princess Juliana, went shopping in little Lee, Mass. "Good morning, Queen," said the drugstore man. The ruler from the land where people scrub their homes with soap & water bought a sponge. "I am old-fashioned," she explained. "Everybody else uses a washcloth, but I like a sponge for my bath." She moved on to the furniture store. "Good morning, Your Majesty," said the furniture-store man. The Queen priced linoleum, bought an inexpensive grade. It was for the bathroom floor; her granddaughters had been splashing it with water. She moved on to the grocer's. "Good morning, Madam," said the grocer. The Queen bought some soap and some washing flakes. Then she departed as she had come, in a big armored car, a carload of guards in front, another behind.