Milestones: Dec. 1, 1930

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Engaged. Mafalda Capone, 18, sister of Alphonse ("Scarface Al") Capone, No. 1 U. S. underworldling; and John Maritote, 23, brother of Frank Diamond, Chicago gangster associated with Capone interests. Reported dowry: $50,000 & a home.

Engaged. Charles W. Paddock, 30, once famed footracer,* now a law student at the University of Southern California; and Mrs. Neva Prisk Malaby, daughter of Publisher Charles Henry Prisk of the Pasadena Star-News; in Pasadena, Calif.

Engaged. Representative Charles Bateman Timberlake, 76, of the 2nd Colorado Congressional district, famed beet-sugar advocate; and Mrs. Roberta Wood Elliott, onetime headwaitress at the George Washington Inn; in Washington.

Married. William Larimer Mellon Jr., 20, Pittsburgh socialite, grandnephew of Secretary of the Treasury Andrew William Mellon; and Grace Rowley, 19, of Pittsburgh; secretly, a year ago; in Wellsburg, W. Va. They planned to go through a second ceremony last week, changed their minds, announced they were already married. Friends & relations (among them Secretary Mellon) who had sent gifts, found that there was no wedding to attend, that bride & groom had gone honeymooning.

Married. James Middleton Cox Jr., son of the threetime Governor of Ohio and 1920 Democratic presidential candidate; and Helen Rumsey, of St. Louis and Miami Beach, Fla; in Manhattan.

Married. Morgan Foster Larson, 48, Governor of New Jersey; and Ada Schmidt, 25, Danish companion & secretary of Governor Larson's mother; in a surprise wedding at a family party; in Perth Amboy, N. J.

Divorced. William Earl Dodge Stokes Jr., Manhattan socialite; from Mrs. Florence Crittenton Stokes. Charge: insanity.

Awarded. Thomas Alva Edison, irreligious inventor, a gold medal; by Pope Pius XI; for his "contribution to the world through invention," and particularly for giving His Holiness a gold & ivory Edison dictating machine.

Elected. James Joseph ("Gene") Tunney, fisticuffer, to be an honorary member of "The Pundits," Professor William Lyon Phelp's Yale literary club.

Elected. Rt. Rev. William Blair Roberts, 48, suffragan Bishop of South Dakota, to be Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Harrisburg, Pa., succeeding the late James Henry Darlington.

Inducted. Most Rev. Samuel Alphonsus Stritch, 43, onetime Bishop of Toledo; as Archbishop of Milwaukee, succeeding the late Archbishop Sebastian Gebhard Messmer.

Birthdays. The Honorable Katherine Plunket, 110, daughter of the 2nd Baron Plunket, Lord Bishop of Tuam, in Ireland; Patrick Cardinal Hayes, 63, Archbishop of New York (world's largest diocese); Archduke Otto, 18, pretender to the Hungarian throne.

Died. Aarvi Nurmi, 26, U. S. census worker, cousin of famed Runner Paavo Nurmi of Finland; found shot through the head near his home in Takoma Park, Md. Died. Mrs.

Barbara Munro Schurman, 65, relict of the late Jacob Gould Schurman, onetime (1892-1920) president of Cornell University, onetime (1925-29) Ambassador to Germany; of pneumonia; in Bedford, N. Y.

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