Medicine: Birth Control Hearing

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—Howard Atwood Kelly, Johns Hopkins surgeon.† "There was a new woman

Who lived in a shoe.

She had no children

For she knew what to do."—Dr.

Henry Ware Cattell, Philadelphia, editor of International Clinics.

Rebuttal. Mrs. Sanger's great, good and aged friend, Senator Gillett, gave her 15 minutes to rebut her critics. Rapidly and angrily she pounced on them: "Of women who visit Birth Control clinics 33% are Protestant, 32% Catholic, 31% Jewish. . . . We only ask that medical men be allowed to import contraceptive articles and that medical journals be permitted to print articles on the subject. . . ."

Referring to the argument that restricted families might prevent the birth of great men (viz. Benjamin Franklin, 10th son of his father, eighth child of his mother), Mrs. Sanger popped out: "I call your attention to the fact that the great leader of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was said to be an only child." Her unlearned remark** immediately raised hubbub.

With cries of "blasphemy" and bitter recrimination, the Senate hearing ended.

*Mrs. Mary Ware Dennett of Astoria (TIME, May 6; June 3, 1929).

† In its recent (Jan. 12) report on Cancer, TIME said that Professor Kelly called scalpel surgery "knife-&-fork." By "knife-&-fork" sur gery he meant electrosurgery, of which he is a vigorous advocate.

** Is not this the carpenter, the Son of Mary, the and Simon? Brother of and are James, not' and His Joses, sisters and here of with Juda, us.

—Mark 6:3.

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