Miscellany: Dec. 24, 1928

TIME brings all things.

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In Washington, D.C., John Sebastian Conway, deputy Commissioner of Lighthouses, was found wandering about in a night shirt. He was taken to a hospital where a surgeon cut him open and took 13 safety razor blades out of his stomach.*

Little Men

In Fomona, Calif., 75 dwarfs met together to form the Small Men's Association of America, comprising only human beings less than four feet high, of which they became charter members. Midgets, little men who are not, like dwarfs, in some way stunted or deformed, could become associate members. There was no reason for forming the association except that the dwarfs wished to band themselves together.

Pig Hunter

In New Lexington, Ohio, Robert Wilson trained his pig to hunt rabbits. The two of them spent many a happy day in the hills—the pig running ahead, squealing when he was on the trail and killing the rabbit when he caught it, Robert Wilson shambling through the underbrush after him, to collect the corpses and make them into pie. Last week the game warden, L. A. Paxton, found out about Robert Wilson and his pig; it is against the law to hunt with an animal which kills game for the hunter. Hence, it appeared probable, Robert Wilson would lose his hunting pig.


"On Dec. 20," she said, "we were playing at the home of my cousin. I doubled a four diamond bid and the opponent took his ten tricks. Mr. Wood, because my double cost us a game, flew into a rage and struck me.

"On Feb. 26, when we again found ourselves partners in a progressive game I trumped his original ace lead."

"How did that happen?" asked the judge.

"Mr. Wood didn't wait to see why I made the play, but stood up and struck me," Mrs. Wood said. "As a matter of fact, it was really a fumble on my part.

"After this incident we separated for a time and made up with a solemn pledge never to play together again. We were happy together until Aug. 19. We were at the home of friends and they brought out the bridge table. Mr. Wood doubled a one no trump bid and I, disgusted with a bust hand, forgot to take him out of it. Again he hit me and we have been separated ever since."

Mrs. Ruth Kelso Wood was suing Gerald C. Wood, Chicago insurance broker, for divorce. Said Judge William N. Gemmill after hearing her plea:

"More married couples should hear your story. If husbands and wives didn't play partners in bridge maybe there would be fewer failures in matrimonial partnerships. I'm hearing too much lately about spouses who failed to recognize an indicative bid."

*Pica is the medical term for the nervousness that made him swallow the blades.