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Stolid square-beamed Dutch politicians became heatedly vocal last week over an amendment to the budget passed by the Second Chamber,* which provides for the abolition of the Legation representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the Vatican. The amendment was introduced by a Calvinist; and at once the Catholic leader, Mgr. Nolens, became vehement and loudly threatened to wreck the present coalition government if the measure passed. Immediately upon its adoption, the four Catholic members of Premier Colijn's Cabinet resigned. The Dutch press united in scoring both sides for debasing so important an ecclesiastical issue to the level of a political squabble. Observers recalled that it was only nine months ago (TIME, Feb. 9) that France withdrew her embassy to the Holy See.

*The Lower House, made up of 100 members elected for a term of four years. The First Chamber consists of 60 members representing the "Provincial States," elected one-half every three years for a term of six years.