Miscellany: Sep. 3, 1928

TIME brings all things.

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In Newark, Dr. Abraham Friedland, a foolish dentist, sat in his garage until he was overcome by carbon monoxide gas. Attracted by the cries of his secretary, policemen, passing in a car, drove in but they were too ignorant to be of any help. With them in their car the policemen had two captured thieves who, straining in their handcuffs to do a good deed, pumped and wiggled the doctor until he began to breathe again.

In Manhattan, a Mrs. Elizabeth Uliano, junk dealer; her three daughters Helen Uliano, Mrs. Tessie Balletti and Mrs. Marie Giordano; her granddaughter Elsie Frontali, were all arrested and fined for scuttling through a department store like a pack of rats, stealing whatever they could lay their hands on.

In Coney Island, N. Y., one Ali Afgudiniali, a Hindu watchman, was robbed by three men. With two of them he fought bravely but when he saw that the third was a midget not more than a yard high with a huge horrible head and the hands of a pudgy baby, he tried to run away.

Last week, the police captured one of the men who had robbed and beaten Ali Afgudiniali. He was Max Sussar who gave his age as 20 and his height as 38 inches. Scowling and cursing, the little monstrosity was dragged into court where he dodged under a chair and remained hidden for 15 minutes. When hauled out Max Sussar claimed that he was "only the lookout" for his gang. Twisting his pitiful face into a look of rage, he sat in a chair, swinging his let's. "I like rye whiskey and women," he told reporters.


Off Castle Island, Panama, Lighthouse-keeper Hanna navigated a small boat flying the British ensign upside-down (sign of distress). Attacked by tooth and stomach aches, he had deserted his beacon, after swallowing all the medicine therein. The steamer Lilian Luckenbach sighted him, gave him ten pounds of assorted drugs. Thus medicated, Hanna resumed his post.

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