IRAN: The Crescent of Crisis

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calls "the geopolitical momentum." That more than anything else will help maintain order in the crescent of crisis.

* Full members are Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Britain; the U.S. is an associate member. * Things have not changed much since czarist times. In 1775 the "will" of Peter the Great was published, in which he advised future Russian rulers: "Approach as near as possible to Constantinople and India. Whoever governs there will be the true sovereign of the world. Consequently, excite continual wars, not only in Turkey but in Persia. Establish dockyards on the Black Sea . . . In the decadence of Persia, penetrate as far as the Persian Gulf, re-establish if it be possible the ancient commerce with the Levant, advance as far as India, which is the depot of the world. Arrived at this point, we shall no longer have need of England's gold." Or, one might add today, of anyone else's.

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