The Nation: Scenes from the Hidden Years

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Episcopal ceremony in a grave next to those of his mother and father. In Las Vegas, his death was commemorated in another manner.

The casino managers complied with the request of Summa's public relations director for a minute of silence. For a brief moment the casinos fell silent. Housewives stood uncomfortably clutching their paper cups full of coins at the slot machines, the blackjack games paused, and at the crap tables stickmen cradled the dice in the crooks of their wooden wands.

Then a pit boss looked at his watch, leaned forward and whispered, "O.K., roll the dice. He's had his minute."

* Around-the-clock communications and message center Hughes maintained in Los Angeles. * In addition to Dr. Thain, the physicians were Dr. Norman Crane, a former Beverly Hills internist; Dr. Lawrence Chaffin, a California surgeon; and Dr. Homer Clark, a Salt Lake City pathologist.

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