Show Business: George Lucas' Galactic Empire

Get ready for Star Wars II, III, IV, V ...

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Most of Lucas' new riches have indeed gone into his various projects rather than into his pocket, and his life has hardly changed since May 25, when Star Wars rocketed onto the screens. He still drives a 1967 Camaro, still wears the same Levi's and cords, and still walks around in the same battered shoes and sneakers. When he leaves his home in San Francisco for the Los Angeles movie labs, he stays with friends in the unfashionable San Fernando Valley, avoiding the Beverly Hills-Malibu axis as if it were enemy territory, which for him it is. The only real change is that he has finally finished furnishing his house in San Francisco, and he and his wife Marcia, one of the best-known film editors in the business, have allowed themselves to relax on weekends.

Lucas said when he was making Star Wars that he was giving up directing, and, true to his word, SWII will be directed by Irvin Kershner (The Flim Flam Man and Raid on Entebbe). "But I've always thought," he says, "that sooner or later, somewhere down the road, I will go back and do another one. But it will be toward the end of the cycle, about 20 years from now." Would you believe 2001 ?

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