LATIN AMERICA: The Exile Bombers

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Fanatical Activist. The Venezuelans also corralled 14 leading anti-Castro activists, including CORU Ringleader Bosch. A militant antiCommunist, Bosch, who has given up his medical career, brags of leading 1,000 anti-Castro guerrillas in Cuba's Las Villas province. After fleeing to Miami in 1960, he earned a reputation as a fanatical exile activist. He was jailed in Miami in 1968 for a bazooka attack on a Polish ship that traded with Cuba, then paroled from a ten-year sentence in 1972. Bosch jumped parole two years later to wander through Latin America, organizing anti-Castro actions and dodging arrest. Earlier this year, Bosch played a central role in evolving CORU's terrorist strategy. "People compulsorily cut off from freedom," Bosch says, "have a right to use any means to regain their liberty."

To force Bombardiers Lugo and Losano and Organizers Posada and Bosch to talk, Trinidadian and Venezuelan authorities simply threatened to deport them to Cuba, which would mean certain execution. Losano cracked first, confessing that he had left an explosive-laden camera case aboard the Cuban airliner before disembarking in Barbados. Confronted with street maps of the area in Washington where Letelier was killed and with other evidence found in Posada's home and office, Bosch told police that CORU had ordered two of its U.S.-based agents to carry out the Letelier "hit." The Venezuelans also found that Bosch and other CORU agents were behind many, if not most, of this year's hitherto mysterious anti-Castro bombings around the Caribbean.

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