Forum, Sep. 29, 1975

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To the Editors:

Homosexuality [Sept. 8] was once called "the love that dare not speak its name." Now it won't shut up.

Althea L. Hart

Kenosha, Wis.

Disgusting, repulsive, lowbrow, nauseating. I'm no Victorian, but those individuals should crawl into a hole and pull it in after them—and take TIME with them.

(Mrs.) Hila Parsons

Bennington, N.H.

Courageous Sergeant Matlovich has the silent good wishes of millions of us who are unable to fight, afraid to fight, or just too damn tired of fighting for our just liberation. I hope to see him on your cover again—as Man of the Year. "Man"' in every sense of the word.

John Callahan


I was revolted by Matlovich's face proclaiming "I am a homosexual." He is a disgrace to the uniform of an honorable service.

Morton A. Roth

Marietta, Ga.

Only in the armed forces can you be highly decorated for killing thousands of your fellow men and be drummed out of the corps if you dare to love one.

Harry J. Mooney Jr.


From time immemorial we have recognized yellow fever, malaria, syphilis, leprosy, perversion, degeneracy, garbage and homosexuality in about that order.

There need be no change.

Russel K. Havighorst

Colonel, U.S.A. (ret.)

South Miami, Fla.

Perhaps the harsh reality of our true worth will strike home only when you discover that we are your sons or daughters or dearest friends.

Yes, we are worthy of your love.

You've given it to us all along, not realizing who we are.

Rick Clark

Costa Mesa, Calif.

If we are really to accept this latest linguistic atrocity "gay," as referring to a homosexual or homosexuality, then what is the proper term for us heterosexuals? Morose?

Edwin R. Kammin


Being gay, I have to laugh at parents, mine included, who are against having their children taught by homosexuals.

My parents sent me to a Catholic boys' high school—a good college prep school, very strict, excellent teachers. When I turned the legal drinking age right after I graduated from high school, I began going to the gay bars.

What a great feeling to find that many of my old teachers, whom I respected a great deal, were also at the gay bars.

Robert W. Kelleher


Studies of animal behavior show that among their reactions to overcrowding are sexual aberrations and destruction of the young. It seems worth considering that the present-day homosexuality and abortion explosions are reactions of the human animal to worldwide overpopulation.

Miriam A. Cabarga

Boynton Beach, Fla.

My husband has to carry a number of keys because of his work. Because of worn-out pockets, sore legs from keys digging into them and unsightly bulges, he decided to carry his keys on a hook on his belt. Now we find out this is a homosexual signal. Needless to say, he will go back to worn-out pockets, sore legs and unsightly bulges.

Mrs. Gordon Burke

San Jose, Calif.

Quadraphonic Quake

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