The Sexes: Biological Imperatives

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Despite his evidence of the importance of environment in molding sex roles, Money holds out little hope to feminists that there can be any significant breakdown of sex-role stereotypes in the current generation of adults. The reason: few changes in male-female attitudes and behavior are possible after the first four years of life. Beyond that age, even sincere attempts at change make most people uncomfortable. By way of illustration, Money describes "a rather prominent psychiatrist" who explained at a seminar that he and his wife had worked out a division of labor on housekeeping and children. Then he added, "And I hate it, I just hate it; I have no training or experience for it." That kind of reaction is typical, Money explains, and consequently "a liberated woman today is almost painted into a corner because there are so few liberated men she can marry."

* Both boys and girls inherit 44 chromosomes that determine nonsexual characteristics, plus two sex chromosomes: XY for males and XX for females.

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