Show Business: The Men Behind Kung Fooey

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Though the Shaw brothers have been making films since the mid-'20s, the only Western distribution their Kung Fu movies used to have was in the Chinatowns of Europe and America. Last January, however. Run Run decided to peddle his Kung Fu movies to a wider audience. "American people always love action," he says to explain his Great Leap Forward. "Hollywood made lots of money with cowboys until Italians made cowboy pictures with more action. Next came James Bond." He adds proudly: "Now from Hong Kong comes Kung Fu."

Other Asian producers are already invading the U.S. market, and last week the Shaws' own top director, Chang Cheh, left the fold to give Run Run and Runme a run for their money. "It's like Chinese food," says Run Run. "When Americans taste it, they like it." Indeed they do. In one recent week, the three top-grossing films in the U.S. were a trio of brothers-in-Kung Fu: Five Fingers, Fists of Fury and Deep Thrust: The Hand of Death.

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