P.O.W.S: A Celebration of Men Redeemed

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For such families, the bitterness of Viet Nam would go on. For those whose men were on the list of 562 P.O.W.s to be released, it was nearly over. In a Baltimore suburb, Andrea Rander and her two daughters were all set for Army Sergeant First Class Donald Rander, a prisoner since 1968. He was not in the first group, but they expected him soon. To welcome him home, Andrea planned to give back to her husband the wedding ring he had left behind for safekeeping five years ago. When he got out of Valley Forge General Hospital, she would fix him his favorite meal of roast duck, beer and chocolate cake. His daughter Page, 6, would formally present him with her homecoming gift: a small Rip Van Winkle doll with a red wig, inscribed: "I'm Ready for You."

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