World: Disneyland East

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American military police do patrol the compound and check the pass of each G.I. entering. Vietnamese girls who want to work in Disneyland must obtain a special entertainer's card and visit An Khe's clinic once a week for a medical examination by Vietnamese doctors and a U.S.-provided shot of a long-lasting penicillin-type drug to suppress disease. Forced to choose between morality and the morale of their men, the division's officers are clearly troubled by Disneyland. But, as one colonel explained, "We wanted to get the greatest good for our men with the least harm." For visitors to An Khe, even clerics and chaplains, Disneyland is as hard to condemn as it is to condone. In that respect, it is not unlike war itself, of which Disneylands—and far worse—are an inevitable accompaniment.

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