Nation: The Warbler of Watergate

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On Life in Washington: "It's quite a comedown in many ways. We're not living on the same means that we had in Rye, N.Y. I had to sell my stock, and now we are having to dip into the till. I think the Government should give us free housing. We'll be happy to go back and make some money."

On Life with John: "I first met John in New York about 15 years ago. I was so impressed with his suaveness and intellect, the minute I looked at him I knew he was an extremely outstanding person. He loves to sit with me and work. Most women, when their husbands walk in the door, start complaining about their chores and children. But I don't think any woman should burden her husband in that way. No matter what my husband is doing, he's dedicated. He's happiest when he feels he is achieving. He's terribly disappointed that his golf handicap has gone way up. He's very easy to please. Nothing bothers him."

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