People: Jul. 19, 1968

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Poor Richard Burton. First came the news that Director Tony Richardson had replaced him in the movie Laughter in the Dark for "unpunctuality" and other "unprofessional conduct." Then came a story in Italian fashion mag Bella that Burton's wandering Welsh eye was riveted on Brazilian beauty Florinda Balkan, 26, whom he had met at a bash in Venice last September. According to Bella, Burton recently slipped into Rome for 48 hours, a good bit spent with Florinda—until an angry phone call from Liz sent him back home. In London, all was black silence from the Burtons. But a pal in Rome said: "It's absolutely ridiculous. Florinda is not Richard's type. He likes his women little, fat and basically homely." Some pal.

"Marcuse you are a very dirty Communist dog. You have seventy-two hours to leave the United States, seventy-two hours, Marcuse, and then we kill you." Signed Ku Klux Klan, the note was addressed to Herbert Marcuse, 71, philosophy professor at the University of California at San Diego. When his phone was then mysteriously disconnected, Marcuse took the threat seriously and packed up before the 72-hour deadline had expired. An avowed Marxist, Marcuse has recently come under bitter attack from rightist groups that accuse him of inviting Germany's New Left Firebrand Rudi Dutschke to San Diego as a grad student. Marcuse has repeatedly denied it, to no avail. According to a friend, he is now hiding somewhere in northern California.

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