Investigations: Adam & Yvette

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"A Little Surprise." The committee did not expect quite so much help from Mrs. Powell. Chairman Emanuel Celler admitted that parts of her testimony "come as a little surprise to us." It was no surprise at all that Corinne Huff, the former beauty queen now high on Powell's congressional payroll and social schedule, failed to appear in response to a subpoena. Other witnesses during the last two days of the hearings merely added details to support earlier charges of hanky-panky with the travel expenses of the House Education and Labor Committee while Powell headed it. But, said Celler, "we have enough." This week the committee will give its recommendations to the full House. On the merits of the case, the nine-man panel is disposed to seek Powell's exclusion. Since this would raise complex legal questions, however, the committee might settle on a compromise whereby Powell would be censured and then seated under strict conditions, including forfeiture of control over his office payroll, restitution from his own salary of the public funds that he has spent improperly, and cancellation of his House seniority.

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