People: Jun. 26, 1964

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Mary Caroline d'Erlanger, 24, daughter of BOAC's late chief, Sir Gerard d'Erlanger, prefers the nickname Minnie. Her fiancé, Winston Spencer Churchill, 23, on the other hand, strenuously resists Winnie, and as anyone who has tangled with his grandfather can testify, Churchills are stubborn. Randolph's Oxford-educated son has other family traits: 1) a fondness for travel and journalism that last year sent him on a four-month tour of 40 African and Middle Eastern countries, will result in a book, First Journey, due in the U.S. in January, 2) freckles; and 3) a hankering eventually to go into politics ("That is what all Churchills do"). Meanwhile, Minnie and Winston are busy choosing a London church and July day for the wedding.

Don't let nobody say Tennessee don't stand by its own. When Memphis radio station WHBQ announced a contest for most popular rock-'n'-roll singer, and some misguided teen-agers sent in a passel of votes for them furrin Beatles, the five-man city commission tabled its budget debate and unanimously adopted a resolution "calling on all citizens of Memphis and elsewhere to support Elvis Presley in this contest." Explained Mayor William B. Ingram Jr., "More than any other person, Elvis has carried abroad with him a fine reputation for Memphis. I hope some day we find an appropriate means of recognizing him, such as naming the new city colosseum for him."

Viking princes have claimed the sea as their domain since the days of Leif Ericson, and Norway's debonair Crown Prince Harold, 27, has salty blue in his veins. A deep-water sailor from the age of eight and Norway's kingpin skipper for the past decade, Harald was named by the Royal Yacht Club to represent his country in the 5.5-meter yacht class at the 1964 Olympics. Sailing the Fram III, designed by U.S. Master Draftsman Bill Luders, Harald is rated a good bet for a medal of some sort, but it had better be gold if he is to maintain status in court circles. Both his father, King Olaf, and his good friend, Greece's King Constantine, hold gold medals for sailing won at the Olympics of 1928 and 1960.

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