Religion: Converting Eichmann

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A Nazi God. Eichmann so far seems to have accepted the idea that he has a soul that will be judged by God, and that this soul can be saved before death. But he obstinately insists that as a helpless tool of Adolf Hitler he was not fully responsible for his crimes, does not yet agree with Hull that faith in Christ is the way to salvation, speaks of a creator that Hull feels is a Nazi God of power and force, not a God of love. "So far we are not talking about the same God," says Hull.

Hull spends about two hours a week with Eichmann, preaching and reading Biblical passages with him. At the end of their sessions he leaves a written lesson, which Eichmann studies and returns, usually marked with questions. Hull finds ministering to the prisoner totally exhausting. "The power of Satan in that cell is tremendous," he says. "I feel a tremendous responsibility, and if God were not with me I'd never attempt it."

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