Miscellany, Feb. 3, 1947

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Toothsome. In Uniontown, Pa., a Paradise Restaurant customer looked Waitress Katherine Gaydo up & down, exclaimed, "Gee, you're pretty—good enough to eat," grabbed her hand, bit it.

My Sin. In Manhattan, Theodore Grant, 88, arrested by police for illegal possession of stolen perfume, explained: "My room smelled so bad ... I thought I'd spray it around."

Squeeze Play. In Washington, the Ralph Burlesons and their seven children, barred from a six-room house because they would "overcrowd" it, snuggled together in a one-room flat.

Hard Tack. In Milan, Italy, people got worried about their bread's strange texture, learned that hard-up bakers had stretched flour rations with marble dust.

Excess Profit. In Portland, Ore., City Commissioner Kenneth Cooper bemoaned the nickel bonus added to his $5,000 salary, complained that it boosted him into a higher income-tax bracket.

Backfire. In Chester, Ill., an underwriters' association inspected the city's firehouse, found it was a fire hazard. In Corte Madera, Calif., Assistant Fire Chief George Menke, his house gutted by fire, finally discovered the cause: a short circuit in the automatic fire-alarm system.

Open House. In St. Joseph, Mo., 19 veterans' families prepared to move into the new Rosecrans housing unit, found that because of shortages the bathrooms had no doors.

Illustrated Lecture. In San Jose, Calif., Detective Captain Raymond Blackmore, addressing the Quota Club on "Crime Detection," glanced out the window, saw a man wanted by police, hustled out and nabbed him.

Short Wave. Near the Scilly Isles, England, BBC Announcer Edward Ward and his engineer went to lonely Bishop Rock Lighthouse for a three-minute broadcast, were marooned by high seas for 27 days.

Stuck Pig. In Mobile, Ala., a housewife, short of cash, guiltily broke into her baby's piggy bank, found only a note inside: "I.O.U. $5. (signed) Daddy."

Other Cheek. In St. Joseph, Mo., William Bailor, haled into court for beating his wife, got released on her tearful plea, left the court, promptly socked her again.

Pilgrim's Progress. In Boston, where breeding counts, Poultry Show judges handed the blue ribbon to Susie, a grey Pilgrim goose, whose ancestors came over in the Mayflower.