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Children who may babble innocently to the police have always been a danger to underground workers. Last week a story from the liberated Netherlands told how one Dutch Resistance leader solved the problem. With a Gestapo price on his head, the man used to slip home now & again to play with his baby son. He taught the child his first two Dutch words: "Pappie dood!" (Daddy dead!).

A week before the arrival of Allied troops, the Gestapo made a last attempt to trap the Resistance leader. They surrounded his house, seized his wife. Then the tough agents crouched around the little boy. One gave him candy. Another dandled him on his knee. While they were playing, the Gestapoboss asked, softly: "Do you love your Daddy?" Said the little boy: "Pappie dood!" "When did you last see Daddy?" "Pappie dood!" "Where is your father?" "Pappie dood!"

The Nazis began to shout. The boy kept answering: "Pappie dood!"

One hour after they had begun the game, the Nazis stomped out. The little boy watched them go, sucked his candy, babbled: "Pappie dood!"