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¶For months the aviation industry has wondered who would be given charge of aeronautics in the Department of Commerce. Last week President Roosevelt divided the job among live men headed by Ewing Y. Mitchell of Springfield, Mo. as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics. (He will probably also direct the Bureau of Navigation & Steamboat Inspection, the Coast & Geodetic Survey, the Lighthouse Bureau, possibly the U. S. Shipping Board.) Eugene L. Vidd, whose beauteous, dark-haired wife is daughter of Oklahoma's Senator "Blind Tom Gore, was appointed director of air regulation; Carroll J. Cone of Arkansas was appointed director of aeronautical development. Rex Martin, onetime secretary to Illinois' Representative Keller, is new director of airways; John H. Geisse of Madison, Wis. is supervising aeronautics inspector. Old-time Mail Pilot James Clark Edgerton was appointed Mr. Mitchell's executive assistant for aeronautics.

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