Foreign News: Sinologue Dead

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Roy Scott Anderson, 46, the U. S. citizen who, singlehanded, effected the release of all the foreign prisoners in the Lincheng bandit episode (TIME, May 19, 1923, et seq.), died in Peking from pneumonia.

Mr. Anderson was born at Suchow, China, of U. S. parents, and the greater part of his life was spent in China. He spoke all the principal Chinese dialects and wrote the language with great fluency. Formerly, he served as a general in Sun Yat-sen's army and then helped to bring about the fall of the Manchus.

For a number of years, Mr. Anderson was advisor to several American firms in the Far East and was also the right-hand man of several U. S. Ministers.

At the time of the Lincheng outrage, he had himself carried by coolies to the bandits' mountain lair, where he cajoled, threatened and bullied the bold, bad robbers into handing over every foreign prisoner in their power.