Nation: An Unchauvinist Male Replies

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Males are very fragile. They can only operate in very fantasy structures—like the Pentagon and like the U.S. Government—with seals and all the wings and eagles. They have this fantastic panoply that males create. Males are always in drag, in a sense, even if they're in the Pentagon, always constantly elaborating these highly mythical structures. The thing the females do, of course, is break them, which is why it's a very desirable thing, often, to have females in the structure to laugh at the funny men in their Shriners' costumes.

My whole argument about the feminist movement is that the women start from exactly the wrong point of view. Rather than starting from the notion that males and females are the same, they should start from the notion that they are different, and that they have different life experiences. Then you might actually get somewhere. This would mean that you have a career structure for women that is different from the one for males, and thus women would be discriminated for. I'm all in favor of discriminating for females.

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