Letters: Feb. 28, 1964

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Sir: Did the Beatles' affectation [Feb. 21] evolve from Caravaggio's The Musicians'!

FREDA S. Moss Kingsport, Tenn.

Sir: Please don't joke about the Beatles. Encourage them! As a music teacher and composer of children's music, I like to see anyone become successful in the music field whether he's a Beethoven or a Presley. We need musical expression! So I say hurrah for the Beatles.

ALFA KENT Austin, Texas

Sir: I do not regard myself as an old fogy, being 13, yet the Beatles strike me as the typical bandwagon idiocy-ecstasy that American teen-agers are sucked in by.

PAUL ISAAC Eastchester, N.Y.

Sir: I think the Beatles are one of the best things to come to America since jazz. Their music is different, but not if you understand the feel. We teen-agers love the Beatles, shag-mopped, screaming and pop-wailers that they are.


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