Education: Report Card

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Spring Hill College, a 126-year-old Jesuit institution in Mobile, Ala., this week graduated a Negro for the first time in its history. The graduate: Mrs. Fannie Motley, 30, a transfer student from the Alabama State College for Negroes.

In 1951, Party-Lining Mathematics Professor Dirk J. Struik was suspended from Massachusetts Institute of Technology after being indicted for advocating the violent overthrow of the governments of the U.S. and Massachusetts (TIME, Dec. 17, 1951). When Struik's indictment was quashed last week as a result of the Supreme Court decision superseding state jurisdiction over sedition charges, M.I.T. promptly reinstated him. Explained an M.I.T. spokesman: "The Institute is [now] free to take such action as is appropriate."

In Groningen, The Netherlands, High School Student Rinie Tjassens sat with his classmates to take the country's standardized final examination in French. By mistake, Tjassens got an English exam, which he completed and turned in. His teachers went into a panicky huddle because young Tjassens now knew all the questions in the English exam — not due anywhere else in The Netherlands until the next day — and could trade them to his fellow students for the questions to the French exam they had just finished. The pedagogic solution: Tjassens was "quarantined", then took the French exam while the other pupils struggled with English.